Thursday, April 29, 2010

Curbside Garden Favorite

This is a garden I pass all the time as I run errands for the garden. It's quite impressive as the flower boxes are always full of blooms and blossoms. The balcony of this house is also full to the brim with pots that are absolutely overflowing. It's fun to watch it change through the seasons, too. Earlier in the year it was full of broccoli raab greens and bright yellow flowers that, along with cherries, are one of the signs that warmer and brighter days are surely on the way.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rooftop Sakura

I first noticed this tree last summer when riding home from the farm. I looked up and was astonished to see a massive tree on top of the building. Last week I was even more astonished to glance up from planting and see it in its blooming glory. When I mentioned it to Shee-chan she too, marveled at it, and later told me its story.

Apparently, the tree once lived near an old house across the street from the farm. The property was sold for development and the land was being cleared to make way for the ten story apartment building that now stands there. The old woman who lived in the old house, though, could not bear to cut down the tree. So, it was transplanted (perhaps by a child of hers) to its current location to live out its days in new penthouse digs.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mini Blooming Plum Tree

This house is one I pass by on a nearly daily basis as I run errands or head to the station. The back garden is quite stunning and is always worth a peek, but I've also noticed that the plants by the front door change regularly with the season, too. This mini plum tree made me practically jump for joy when I saw it in mid-March. (I'm a bit behind on posting, but felt this one was too lovely to not share.)

Not as showy as cherries the plum (ume) is still a well-loved tree, and its blossoms are as eagerly awaited in Japan as any. Perhaps one of the earlier signs of Spring, it is lovely harbinger of warmer days to come and the tasty umeshu that will be concocted from its fruit. I'm hoping to whip up a batch this year in addition to the ginger wine brewed last Spring.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Tucked Away

It seems everywhere I turn there is a little garden here. I'm almost afraid not to look around for fear I'll miss seeing some little treasure of blooms somewhere. It makes me a slow pedaler and slightly dangerous. Despite a baskets full of composted chicken manure for my garden and kiwis from a local orchard, I managed to spot this little garden tucked behind a wall just off a busy street.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blooming Corner Container Garden

Spotted on the way to Ivan Ramen this garden absolutely filled the corner. Made of a whole variety of containers - some purchased, some styrofoam coolers put to fresh use - it was a bright spot on an otherwise cement-filled busy street. The purple flowers are quite popular in spring here, and can be found just about everywhere. I've no idea what they're called, but they are lovely.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gnome Garden in Kawaguchiko

This garden was utterly irresistable to photograph even though I was lugging a heavy backpack on our recent trip to Kawaguchiko. (Who, after all, can resist a gnome AND a teddybear?) The whole yard around this little gem was chock a block with assorted containers full of flowers plus a very cute black cat.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ebisu Garden

After a visit to the United Nation's Farmer's Market we decided to walk to Ebisu to Afuri for a recommended bowl of yuzu ramen. This great conglomeration of pots and trees was spotted on a corner of a street running along one of the canals nearby.