Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mini Blooming Plum Tree

This house is one I pass by on a nearly daily basis as I run errands or head to the station. The back garden is quite stunning and is always worth a peek, but I've also noticed that the plants by the front door change regularly with the season, too. This mini plum tree made me practically jump for joy when I saw it in mid-March. (I'm a bit behind on posting, but felt this one was too lovely to not share.)

Not as showy as cherries the plum (ume) is still a well-loved tree, and its blossoms are as eagerly awaited in Japan as any. Perhaps one of the earlier signs of Spring, it is lovely harbinger of warmer days to come and the tasty umeshu that will be concocted from its fruit. I'm hoping to whip up a batch this year in addition to the ginger wine brewed last Spring.

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